Give Tri a Try!

Give Tri a Try!

Redcliffe Triathlon Club (RTC) are partnering with the Bribie Tri Series Race 1 to introduce people to triathlons with a special offer of only a $15 Race fee (normally $35) for all first-timers on Saturday 15th Oct 2022. Plus you get a FREE RTC water Bottle and Swim Cap!

The Bribie Tri has a 30+ year history of racing at the iconic event on Bribie Island. They host 4 Races per season and cater for Little kids to Professional athletes. With a tide-assisted swim and a closed racing circuit making it super safe, it’s the perfect event for everyone. So it doesn’t matter what age you are or fitness level, come on down and give it a try!

Here is the list of events to suit your needs: (FYI – Swim/Ride/Run)

  • Tykes, trikes and training wheels for little kids 4-8years old. With a mini 200m run/800m cycle/ 200m run.
  • Active Kids events are 7 – 9 years: 100m/3km/500m. 10 – 11 years: 200m/6km/1km. 12 -13 years: 250m/6km/2km. 14 years+: 250m/6km/2km
  • First Timers / Enticer is perfect for over 16 years old. Swim 250m/6km/2km,
  • Sprint distance is a nice challenge swim 750m/Ride 20km/Run 5km. (This is at normal Cost on Sunday 16th Oct)

On the day you will register for the event and then have a pre-race meeting with our Race director and Redcliffe Tri Coach Phil. Where he and the team will guide you every step of the way through the course and make sure you know exactly what you need to do, how to set up your gear and where you need to go. Don’t stress there will also be a number of RTC team members around to help you too.

As this is your first time you don’t need to get carried away and overcomplicate the equipment you need for the race. The main thing you are comfortable and familiar with your equipment and we get you started.

Equipment needed:
Swim – Swimmers and goggles. You will be given a swim cap on the day.
Bike – Runners (Socks Optional), Bike and Helmet (A working Mountain bike, race bike, even a bike with a basket is fine as long as it’s in good working order. Plus a well-fitting helmet)
Run – Runners.

Please note: Men after your swim you will need to cover your top half on the ride and run. So a singlet or t-shirt is a must. Ladies’ active gear and sports tops are just fine. Check the Bribie tri website for more details.

So the next question… are you keen? Do you want to give it a tri?
All you need to do is click on this link BRIBIE TRI SERIES and enter the coupon code “RTCRaceone” to receive your discount. Fill out the form and turn up nice and earlier on the day to register. You will be set all the information you need directly from the Bribie Tri Team.

Would you like to meet the RTC team, coaches, check out some training and equipment for your race day?

On Sunday 18th September 2022 at 6:30am we are having a Brick Session at Suttons beach (next to retunder) for our club members. This a non-racing training session where we practise the open water swim, transitions, cycling and running.

Feel free to come on down to visit to meet the team and coaches. If you want to join in on the training please bring your equipment. Whether it’s just a visit or you want to train on the day please email the club so we know to look out for you.

If you have any questions at all please email RTC at or go to The Bribie Tri website:

Hope to see you there at the brick session or at the Bribie Tri.

GIve Tri a Try

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Reason to give Tri a Try!?

You want to give youself a challange

Its great for the kids to get out and try something new

Your friends and have family have done it so you might as well do it to

At the end of the event you get a medal

Because you can... and if you can you will!