In triathlons you do not need a fancy bike to compete.  Any bike that is safe and has working brakes will do. You will need to have a well-fitting helmet. As safety is our first priority. 

We can teach you how to ride safely on the road and in groups so you can race fast but safe.

RTC offers a variety of sessions for juniors and adults that include speed work and long social rides. We also link in with other cycle groups for some sessions to help give you more options in your week to train.

Top Tips to improve your Riding

Learn how to use your gears properly

Your bike fit is more important than your bike colour

Learn how to change a puncture

Inside foot up on turns/corners

Learn how to feather your brakes

Speed/hill sessions

This session is suitable for juniors and adults. Session alternate weeks from Speed to hills

  • Thursday 6:00am – Newport Endeavour Esplanade
  • Organised by – Mark Rossetto
  • Cost – Free

Distance rides

Saturday and Sunday mornings.  Venues and routes vary weekly.  Keep an eye on the RTC Social page for weekly details.

  • Cost – Free

Note – we link in with other cycle groups for other sessions during the week and for group rides on the weekend.  Contact Mary for more details.

What to bring

Bike with working brakes, Australian approved helmet, water bottle.  For longer rides bring a small puncture repair kit / spare tube and cannister.