New To Tri

Are your thinking of doing a triathlon?

Welcome to triathlon.  This is a sport that involves swimming, cycling and running in one event.  You don’t need to be good at any of these sports to be able to do a race, you just need to have a try.  If you’ve never done a triathlon before we are here to help you.  We can teach you what you need to know so you are more than ready to conquer your first race, and we’ll even be there to support you while you do it.

A few more things you might want to know. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get started.  Simple equipment you already have is best to start with.

What now?  Have a chat to someone in RTC, or better still come to a training session and meet the crew.  They will be very willing to answer all your questions and help you on your way to becoming a triathlete. 

5 reasons to give Triathlon's a go

Tri something completely different

Learn new skills in swimming, cycling and running

Meet new crazy friends

You don’t need to be good in any of the legs to be able to complete an event

Mix up your fitness training

What are the various triathlon distances?

The length of a triathlon may vary, but there are some basic lengths, and there are plenty of opportunities for racing in South East Queensland all year round.  Distances range from Beginner to Ironman however we do see even longer distances now.

Beginner / Enticer or Sprint triathlons, are from 150m -750m swim, 6 – 20km bike ride and 1.5 – 5km run.

The most recognised triathlon distance follows international Olympic (OD) guidelines and is a swim of 1.5 km, a cycle of 40 km and a run of 10 km.

Long Course covers both Half and Full Ironman distances and other distances in between.  For example a Half Ironman consists of a swim/bike/run of 1.9 km, 90 km and 21.1 km, respectively.

An Ironman Triathlon, perhaps the event’s most famous race, is a 3.8-km swim, a 180km bike ride and a 42.2km marathon.

It’s my first Race, what do I need to bring?

Togs / Tri suit / Shirt + shorts over togs etc (Boys also need a shirt for the bike and run)- whatever you are most comfortable wearing to swim / cycle and run
Bike – any sort as long as it has working brakes and no motor
Helmet – any sort but make sure it fits properly
Goggles (they usually give you a swim cap to use)
Bike shoes (if you use them)
Running Shoes (with elastic laces if you have them)
Spare pair of running shoes for warm up if you have them
Water bottle
Vaseline / Cream to stop chaffing

It’s my first race what do I need to know?

Arrive at the race early. This means if registration goes from 5 – 6.30am then aim to arrive not long after 5am. Although this is early, you can register and warm-up properly without being too rushed. In the bigger races the line ups at registration and to number and rack the bikes can be huge so try and be early to avoid getting stressed. The toilets can also have a big line up so be aware of this.

Go to registration tent and get your name marked off. You will usually be given either a race number to put on your togs / shirt or a timing chip (electronic device to go on ankle or shoe). You will also need to have numbers written on your arms and legs in black marker pen.

Have a look at the map of the course and see where you swim, bike and run. There will be officials out on the course telling you where to go but it is good for you to know it anyway. If you have time go for a short bike ride to make sure your bike is working properly and the gears are changing. Once you have done this come back and put your bike in transition. In transition you will also need your helmet, running shoes, shirt (boys), towel (to wipe feet on), race number (if not on your togs) and other optional extras are sunglasses and running hat. Use this time to put on sunscreen.

Have a look at the transition area. This is where the bikes have to be racked before the race starts. Usually you can choose where you will put your bike in this area so look to put it somewhere you can find it easily. The closest point to where you will head out onto the cycle leg is good. Work out where you come out of the swim and where your bike is racked from that direction. Sometimes people have trouble finding their bikes as it looks different from the swim exit. Also know where to run once you have finished your bike leg and are heading out onto the run. If unsure ask an official.

If you have time go for a short run. Just till you are sweating lightly and make sure you have  stretched well.

Be down at the swim start well before the start of your race and if you get a chance, go for a swim and make sure your goggles don’t leak. Now you are ready to race. Good luck

After the race get a drink and something to eat and warm down. This will help prevent sore muscles the next day. You cannot get your bike out of transition until after the last competitor goes onto the run course. Presentations are usually after everyone finishes. These can take a while so make sure you have some shade and plenty to eat and drink. You don’t have to stay for presentations although if you do, there are usually random prizes given out and you have to be there to win them.”

Getting Started & Membership/Joining up

Triathlon is a great sport for all ages. Getting started in the sport of triathlon is easy.  All you need is a bike, running shoes and pair of swimming goggles. There are heaps of races for beginners offering short distances which are easily achievable with a small amount of training for people who are fit and healthy.

Check out our Training Sessions to see a sample training program for people new to the sport. This page also lists the regular group training sessions the club offers or contact our club coaches to discuss a personalised training program for a small fee. Beginners are welcome at all of our sessions and each session is tailored for beginners through to experienced.  Before commencing any strenuous activity please see your Doctor.  If you have any health concerns or significant health history make sure you let the coach know before you start the session.

The best sessions for new members to start at are either our Monday or Wednesday night run sessions, or any of the swim sessions.  Turn up and introduce yourself to the coach and they can help you out. 

The Redcliffe Triathlon Club is a fun and friendly club and is always looking for new members. We take all ages and abilities and are wanting to help you learn the sport we are so passionate about. 

To join the club you need to go to this link:

Important Note: You need to be a member of the Club to participate in any club activities. There are a number of options for you to try out some sessions before you join for the full year.  Check the membership page for full details of these options.  If you are unsure please email the secretary at

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