This is a session where you practice open water swimming/cycling and running in ‘mini’ triathlon formats.  This is for you to learn and practice open water swimming skills, quick and efficient transitions, and get you used to doing all 3 disciplines in short/sharp practice races. 

For those racing long courses we provide an opportunity to practice these disciplines in a longer format.

They also allow you to group some of your sessions together and cut down on the time-consuming logistics. In effect, you can fit more training into less time.

Why is it called a “Brick” session? Because your legs feel like Bricks after these sessions.


Mental map of what to expect on race day

Learn how to do transitions under the guidance of coaches

Test nutrition and hydration which is important for longer distances

Boost your confidence for Race day

Efficient form of training to get your body used to the swim, ride and run

Transition / Brick – Suttons Beach, Redcliffe

  • When – Sundays as programmed for adults and juniors
  • What to bring – togs, cap, goggles, bike, helmet, running shoes, water bottle, towel. 
  • Optional – socks, sunglasses, cycling shoes, tri suit, wetsuit, other nutrition
  • Cost $5 to the coach

Keep an eye out on the training calendar or Social Page for more information