“RTC turns an individual sport into a team sport, everyone supports each other and helps lift each other when the going gets tough. We have some of the best coaches around and the depth of experience throughout the club is like no other. I was a 9-year-old junior when I first raced in the RTC colours and proud to race in them now at the age of 40” Micheal Gray

“I’m so glad I took the plunge and joined RTC! I have been blown away by how welcoming everyone is and how much fun I have training with the club. The support and coaching received from RTC has really helped keep me motivated and smash my goals. I’ve made some great friends and love having a crew to cheer me across that finish line. Not that long ago finishing a triathlon seemed impossible and now I have an Ironman in sight. I haven’t looked back!” Louise Patty

“The coaches and members at RTC have an infectious passion for triathlon and supporting every athlete to achieve their best. Whether it be as a competitive athlete or a newcomer to the sport, you become a part of the RTC community and through the awesome club sessions are equipped with the skills to continue as a triathlete.” Karen Reardon

“By being a RTC member I feel I belong to a team of like-minded people. I am grateful for the amazing coaches and team members that make training so enjoyable and keep me motivated. I love the extra support on race days and the opportunity to volunteer on community events as part of the club” Joana Roque

“Being part of RTC for over 7 years now has helped me reach my goals by having support and guidance from great coaches and people within the club. I have also met some amazing friends along the way who support and challenge me through life and not just triathlon.” Amanda Storer

“The members are inclusive of all of us and always supportive no matter your level of sporting prowess. RTC is a well-recognised and respected club and we are well presented and support all athletes at all events…that’s what is special. Our reputation in the community is held in high esteem.” Nev Sprott

“I’m a late starter joining the RTC for the first time at the ripe old age of 55. I started training with my 20 year old daughter running and cycling for fitness just over a couple of years ago. We both had absolutely no triathlon experience. We kept crossing paths with some real friendly athletes whilst out running and a majority of them were RTC members so it was becoming an inevitable natural progression to sign up with a club and we chose RTC. Since joining I have completed an Ironman thanks to assistance from great coaching within the club and the peer support of some real champions amongst the ranks. My daughter is now heading to World Championships for the Half Ironman after only a couple of years of training and only three years after breaking an ankle and rupturing an ACL. I hope to complete a couple more Ironman events myself then maybe settle back into Half Ironman events into retirement. I still enjoy training with my daughter more than any other training but the beauty of joining RTC means she has the option to train with more suitable athletes to accommodate her goals and skills and I can settle back and enjoy training in a more relaxed format on occasion. There are many group sessions available in all disciplines of triathlon training and to accommodate all skill levels. Simply put there’s something to suit everyone.” Rod Seymour

I love the friends I have made in the club. I joined RTC for motivation to train and get back to racing after 10 years. I would love a friend to know how great the swimming and brick sessions are. I never enjoyed swimming until I joined the RTC swim training club on Mon, Wed, Fri morning. The weekend brick sessions has saved me minutes in my race. Great having a supportive team!”  Therese Hancox 

“I’m so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and decided to join RTC!! All the planned sessions make training so much more enjoyable and all the coaches and people are so supportive. I had first set out to complete an Ironman and now I’m training for the world championships…anything is possible when you’re apart of RTC” Chelsea Seymor

“RTC have helped me achieve goals that I thought weren’t possible the support and guidance from the amazing coaches is great. Even though I have a disability I am treated equal and feel included . RTC is family.” Debbie Wendt

“I’ve been part of RTC for over 8 years now and just love the friends I have made over the years.  I joined the club as it was one of the longest standing clubs in the North Brisbane area, coaches are amazing people that help bring out the best in everyone regardless of your skill level and the club is just like one big family.” Leanda Robbins

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